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This is your one stop solution to all your facial skincare needs. Our Shanashi TechLift Mask provides you with 7 different light colors to treat a myriad of skin problems.

Our UV Free LED’s penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more…

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  • LED, or light emitting diode therapy, is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light.

  • NASA originally developed it for plant growth experiments on shuttle missions and later found it to have promise for wound treatment. LED light therapy is now used by some aestheticians to help regenerate the skin from aging. It’s also used for acne.

  • Navy SEALs have used LED  light  therapy  to help heal wounds. The treatment led to improvements  of more than 40% in musculoskeletal injuries in team members. It also reduced wound healing time.

  • Healthcare providers use red or blue light frequencies based on the skincare concern.

  • Unlike other types of light therapy, LEDs do not contain ultraviolet rays. Therefore, safe for regular use.

  • LED light therapy doesn’t cause burns compared to other anti-aging treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy. It may be safe for all skin colors and types.

Red, or infrared, LED Light Therapy is used for treating the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. When the light is applied to your skin, the epidermis absorbs it and then stimulates collagen proteins.

In theory, more collagen means that your skin will look smoother and fuller, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Red LED light is also thought to reduce inflammation while improving circulation, which can give you a healthier glow.

Blue LED Light Therapy, on the other hand, targets the sebaceous glands, which are also called oil glands. They’re located beneath your hair follicles. Sebaceous glands are necessary for lubricating your skin and hair so that it doesn’t dry out. However, these glands can become overactive, leading to oily skin and acne. One 2018 animal study Trusted Source found that blue LED improved healing of third- degree skin burns.

The theory is that blue LED light therapy can target these oil glands and make them less active. In turn, you may see fewer acne breakouts. Blue light can also kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, which can help treat severe acne pimples, including cysts and nodules.

Oftentimes, blue LED light is used in conjunction with red LED light to help treat acne, decrease scarring and promote anti-inflammatory effects.

Yellow LED Light Therapy is the deepest penetrating medical grade  treatment  that  we  offer  in clinic. LED targets the  light  receptors on our cells  which then converts the  light into energy. The  cells are then fuelled with all the energy that they need to be able to function at optimal ability.

The LED Light also triggers the lymphatic system, improving the removal of toxins from the treated area. Yellow Light Therapy is used to increase wound healing, collagen induction, skin hydration and the overall health of the skin.

Green LED Light Therapy is used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes, under eye circles, and sun spots. It helps to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots revealing a brighter complexion. The calming effect also has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the surface of the skin.

White LED Light Therapy has the longest wavelengths and therefore goes the deepest  into the skin.  The white light is used for a variety of skin rejuvenating effects, including tightening and toning the skin, healing acne scars, erasing sun damage or dark spots, and reducing inflammation.

Purple LED Light Therapy is a combination of red  and  blue  wavelengths,  offering  dual benefits of  both skin clearing (blue) and anti-ageing (red). Purple is also beneficial for cellular oxygenation and regeneration to promote enhanced skin fitness and vitality.

Cyan LED Light Therapy acts as an anti-inflammatory  agent  for  the skin,  treating  swollen  and inflamed skin. It has been proven to have incredibly soothing properties, calming the skin to promote healing, treating inflamed skin and reduce the size of swollen capillaries.

Shungite Mineral Crystal Infusion:

EMF & HARMFUL RADIATION: In today’s society it is impossible to avoid potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields. Shungite can be used to block or diminish EMFs. Pendants, mobile phone stickets, pyramids, and other shapes are commonly used for this purpose. Elite Shungite not only protect the body from electromagnetic and negative radiation but really charge the body with vitality and strengthen immunity.

  • Increased rate of healing and cell growth

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Antioxidants

  • Bacterial properties

  • Shields effects of free radicals

  • Kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens

  • Reduction in rough skin

  • Balances Skin Tone

Face Contouring:

Exercising facial muscles help tone, build, shape, firm & condition the face muscles while tightening skin and repairing elasticity to the cells by improving blood circulation that brings the essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and oxygen to the surface of the skin. Giving you a revitalized feeling of increased energy and a sense well being.

Soft Tissue Heat:

Deep heating is thought to lessen nerve sensitivity, increase blood flow and tissue metabolism, decreasing muscle spindle sensitivity to stretch, cause muscle relaxation and increase flexibility.

Derma Massage:

Massaging our face promotes oxygen and blood flow in our skin. Not only does this result in reducing puffiness, it also creates a brighter skin tone and appearance. The massage will also increase collagen production, which prevents the formation of wrinkles.

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