Halo Hair Regrowth


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The revolutionary Halo Light Therapy specializes in Hair Loss Prevention and Restoration in both men and women.  It is 93% effective and there are no drugs, surgery or side effects.  This is a comfortable and safe system that uses Low Level Light.

Put simply, Halo Light Therapy stimulates and energizes the cells to produce more collagen, elastin, and reproduce faster while killing acne causing bacteria.

The infrared light increases cellular metabolism, blood circulation, and supply of oxygen causing faster healing times, and healthier skin allowing the cells to essentially act as younger cells.

For most men and women, hair loss can affect their self confidence and self esteem. Some become so embarrassed by their hair loss that they try any temporary cover up. Halo Light Therapy has a solution.

No hair extension, no wigs, no hair transplant, no medication, no home device remedy and no more frustration searching for the right answer. The good news is whatever the reason for your hair loss; we have a solution that can help to re-grow your natural hair.

Halo Light Therapy specializes in hair loss prevention and replacement for both men and women. Our revolutionary Halo Light Therapy has proven to be 93% effective in stopping hair loss and reversing its course!

With our treatment program, there are no drugs, surgery, or side-effects. Now you can retain your hair NATURALLY! Halo Light Therapy has an effective, comfortable and safe system that promotes hair regrowth by using low level light therapy (LLLT). Light energy has the ability to reverse the hair loss, and grow new hair.

What to Expect:

~ Increased blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment
~ Stops excessive hair loss
~ Relieves irritating scalp conditions,
~ Thickens and strengthens existing hair
~ Stimulates regrowth of new hair
~ Enhances the lasting effects of hair color

Packaging includes:  1 Baseball Cap, 1 LED Laser Insert w/ Rechargeable Battery, 1 Type C Charging Cable, 1 User Instruction Manual


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